Our Firm

JAMES WINTER ASSOCIATES is a premier Ontario agency focused on providing a diverse spectrum of investigation services to businesses, lawyers and insurance companies.  We specialize in workplace investigations, WSIB, insurance investigations, surveillance and complex harassment, sexual harassment and violence investigations.

Criminal defense lawyers and their clients often seek our investigation expertise to assist with defending clients in criminal court.  We work closely with lawyers in order to ensure their clients receive a fair defense.

We also provide high-level training to private investigators and those who aspire to become private investigators.  James Winter is an accomplished Instructor of Investigations at Conestoga College and he makes his knowledge available to students through courses offered by JAMES WINTER ASSOCIATES.

JAMES WINTER ASSOCIATES operates an office located in central Mexico which provides investigation and legal services to Canadian clients in Mexico and Latin America. 

The Ontario Ministry of the Solicitor General has licensed JAMES WINTER ASSOCIATES to conduct investigations of all types as well as provide private investigator training.  We are members of various professional associations including the Council of Professional Investigators Ontario and the Canadian Private Investigators Resource Center.


We adhere to Canada's privacy legislation and have a privacy policy in accordance with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. JAMES WINTER ASSOCIATES holds Investigative Body Status under Canada's privacy legislation.

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