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JAMES WINTER ASSOCIATES is a premier private investigation agency focused on providing a diverse spectrum of investigation services to Canadian businesses, lawyers, insurance companies and private individuals in Mexico and Latin America.  

We also provide high-level training to private investigators and those who aspire to become private investigators.  James Winter is formerly an accomplished Instructor of Investigations at Conestoga College in Kitchener, Ontario and he made his knowledge available to students through courses offered by JAMES WINTER ASSOCIATES.

JAMES WINTER ASSOCIATES operates an offices located in Mexico and Colombia which provide investigation and legal services to Canadian clients throughout Latin America.  We also have experienced and reputable Mexican and Colombian lawyers on our staff who are available to assist our clients in any manner of legal issues. 

We maintain offices in Mexico and Colombia, however, we uphold our Canadian identity through our membership in Canadian professional associations including the Council of Professional Investigators Ontario and the Canadian Private Investigators Resource Center.


All of our investigations are conducted to Canadian standards of professionalism and privacy.  We adhere to Canada's privacy legislation and have a privacy policy in accordance with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.   Although we maintain a Canadian office we do not conduct private investigations of any type in Canada.  

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