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James Winter CPIO-MI
Executive Investigator


James Winter has been a private investigator in Ontario for 25 years.  Most of that time has been spent in leadership positions where he worked complex investigations and mentored countless others to be successful investigators.  

James is an accomplished investigative interviewer and is certified in the detection of deception, interrogation as well as Kinesic interviewing.  He is trained in mediation and dispute resolution and holds a certificate as a professional coach.

James Winter is an Instructor of Investigations at Conestoga College where he trains future investigators in the principles and practices of investigations.  He teaches courses in Private Investigations, Investigative Interviewing, Professional Ethics, Risk Management and Surveillance Techniques.

James remains active in the private investigation profession.  He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Council of Professional  Investigators Ontario (CPIO) where he holds the portfolio Director of Professional Development.

James Winter holds the prestigeous Master Investigator designation granted by the Council of Professional Investigators Ontario.

Erika Gamboa
Managing Investigator




After obtaining a degree in Accounting from the University of Veracruz, Erika enjoyed a successful career in the accounting departments of various Mexican municipalities as well as the Veracruz Teacher's College.

Erika next moved to Canada and trained as an investigative assistant.  In 2014 she obtained a private investigators license and conducted investigations for lawyers, insurance companies and private clients.

Erika Gamboa is instrumental in managing the operations of our Mexico office.  She is fluently bilingual English and Spanish and is certified by the Canadian Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration as an interpreter and translator.

Erika's management abilities are complimented by her certificates in International Commerce, Business Communication and Leadership Development.

The results of Erika's investigations have been used as evidence in Ontario courts and commissions.

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