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Client & Student Testimonials

We could boast about the quality of our services but we believe in letting our clients and students speak for us.

Client Testimonials

I was very impressed with your report. It was also nice that it was done promptly.   It greatly assisted my client and me in deciding how to proceed with his matter.   I look forward to working with you again in the future. (Criminal Defense Lawyer)


Thank you for all your help you have been amazing.  I will be sure to reach out to you if I ever need your service again or recommend you to anyone who may be seeking PI Services.


I reached out to James to help me locate some estate property after my Father passed away. James came over to my place and took his time sorting through paperwork with me. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional and empathetic. He was very quick with his investigation and provided a very detailed report. I was very impressed with the service I received. I would certainly recommend him to anyone who is requiring his services. I will definitely use him again.

I used James Winter Associates for my business. I am highly impressed with the professionalism. Thank you James and Erika for the great job. Well done.  (Business Client)

I contacted James Winter Associates to look into my mother's death. I was provided with timely, astute feedback. Also guided to the resource I needed to obtain services quickly and efficiently.  Their goal was to assist me with the matter at hand!  HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BUSINESS

I slept well last night just knowing that you had my back.  (Criminal Harassment Client)

I was very impressed with your investigation and report.  (Criminal Defense Lawyer)

I highly recommend James Winter Associates, I spoke with James on multiple occasions, and he always acted with kindness, respect, and beyond professional. Thank you so much.   (Missing person client)

Thank you and your team for everything, James.  

I worked directly with James and his lovely partner Erika. James was very accommodating and communicative throughout the investigation. Furthermore James always acted with kindness, class, and dignity. I wholly recommend his services. Thank you.  (Personal Investigation Client)

Very understanding. James is an excellent investigator who gets consistently great results. I highly recommend him.

Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Do not go anywhere else for your training... James puts a great deal of effort into his training and it shows.  You will finish his courses with an advantage over many others.  I would recommend him to anyone.

James Winter Associates is the gold standard for private investigator training. I had the mandatory 50 hours training. I was able to make 90 percent in the test with just that. His didactic approach to teaching is unique. His record of 100 percent success rate was what made me sign up and am proud to say I was better for it.

You have gone above and beyond for me personally. I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to achieve the marks I knew I could get.  With your motivation and amazing patience I am finally able to finish off this course. Thank you for your amazing lectures and dedication to your students. Thank you for believing in me.

Thanks James. I really enjoyed the class and learning from everyone. I enjoyed this course far more than the paralegal course, and I think I can see myself in this field. Thanks for everything

Thank you for being our professor for Applied Ethics. I personally had so much fun doing the assignments as well as in class discussions.  I learned a lot from you.  I hope you teach that class next year, you are a good fit. 

I really enjoyed learning from you, you are a great teacher.  I was excited for class every day!  And that's unheard of for me.

Excellent learning experience.  I am so much more confident about writing the Ministry exam.  Thank you, James. 

Excellent! Professionally delivered content of the course, easy to understand, interactive manner.  The course and teaching went way beyond my expectations. I especially enjoyed how it was delivered by drawing connections between the theory and real cases, and how it is experienced in practice.  Thank you, Very grateful I had signed up and took the course.

The course you instructed, James, is both exceptionally helpful for passing the ministry test and thoroughly enjoyable.

We had good training and information, and it was fun at the same time.  It was a wonderful experience.

Hi James, I just wanted to write you to thank you.  You were a fantastic Instructor, and I wanted to let you know that I passed (the provincial exam) with a score of 87%.

James is very down to earth and fun to learn from. He is an excellent instructor. He takes his business very seriously and is very precise and accountable! A+++

Thank you for the exceptional course!

What an exciting weekend.  I am so glad that I found you and your training courses.

Very good impression. You surpassed my expectations, and more importantly the personal touch James Winter brings to the course.


Just checked my results… 95%. Thanks for all your help!!

I highly recommend James Winter! He is a fantastic Instructor, very knowledgeable in his field, genuine, and made learning fun.

Thanks again so much for your teachings and sharing your personal experiences with us. It truly gave a sober and in-depth look at this industry.  

Thank you very much for offering this course, I enjoyed it, and the Instructor was fantastic!

I wanted to say thank you again for all your insight, your stories, learned lessons, mistakes; just all of your experience in a nutshell. I feel extremely privileged and proud to have been taught by you and hoping someday to have the honor of working for you. 

Fun, educational, interesting and beneficial.  Everything was great.

A company so worth being trained by.

Such an awesome and practical course!  I feel completely prepared to write my license exam and have a lot of practical information to pursue private investigation as a career.  This course gave a solid and sober look at the industry. James did an excellent job at teaching. Very knowledgeable and professional. 

It was great learning from a p.i. with lots of experience and a lot of insight.  He explained in-depth things we individually or as a group needed. He allowed us to work in teams as well as encouraged us to debate understanding others points of view.  Excellent instructor. Will highly recommend and take more courses. 

James is a fantastic instructor for this course!  He provided a lot of good information, based on the course material, practical examples, with a dash of humour, throughout the course and is very engaging and supportive.  I enjoyed the course - thanks for offering it. 

I just wanted to thank you and tell you how pleased I am with your recommendation for the PI course.  James was outstanding as an instructor in our recent PI Licensing course. All students did well in the course and wholeheartedly supported his methods of instruction.

He is a respectful and knowledgeable instructor, striving to ensure he has the information to challenge his students and help them to be successful.  I am so blessed to have him as an instructor in this program.  I’m sure that moving forward the students will continue to have success and the recent students will tell others about our instructor and course.  

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