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Whether your investigation requires mobile surveillance, interviews, statement taking, evidence gathering or open source investigative research the investigators at JAMES WINTER ASSOCIATES are trained and experienced to provide professional results for all investigations conducted in Mexico and Latin America.  You will be pleasantly surprised by the lengths we will go to in order to meet your needs.
Mexico & Latin America

JAMES WINTER ASSOCIATES is uniquely qualified to provide investigation services for Canadian clients in Mexico and Latin America.  We have an office located in central Mexico and a supportive investigation network to provide us with a significant advantage when conducting investigations in Mexico and Latin America.

We provide our services to Canadian businesses, insurance companies, lawyers and individuals who require investigations in Mexico or Latin America.  Our services range from WSIB and insurance surveillance to locating witnesses and missing persons. 

In our Mexico office, we have skilled and reputable Mexican lawyers to assist our clients to navigate the complex legal systems in Latin America.  JAMES WINTER ASSOCIATES staff lawyers are qualified to handle most civil or criminal issues which a Canadian might face in Mexico or Latin America.  We help coordinate effective legal representation as well as a thorough investigation. 

Our Mexico Office Serves Canadian Clients


JAMES WINTER ASSOCIATES maintains a fully functioning office in Mexico to provide investigation and legal services to Canadian clients throughout Mexico and Latin America.

Conducting investigations of any description in Mexico or Latin America must be handled with care and tact.  Cultural expectations can be very different and the manner in which the investigation and interviews are carried out can have a direct impact on their eventual success.  Unprecedented levels of violence must also be taken into consideration when planning an investigation.  


All of JAMES WINTER ASSOCIATES investigations adhere to strict Canadian codes of professionalism, ethics and privacy.  We conduct investigations in Mexico and Latin America to the same high standards as in Canada.  Furthermore, we adhere to all of the host countries federal, state and local laws.  In this manner our clients are assured that their investigation is proceeding lawfully and ethically.  Results are suitable to be presented as evidence in law courts in Canada and the host country.  

  • Workplace Investigations for Canadian Clients

  • Insurance Investigations for Canadian Clients

  • WSIB & Vacation Surveillance

  • Witness Locates and Missing Persons

  • Legal Support for Canadian Lawyers

  • Criminal Defense for Canadian Clients

  • Interviews and Reports Available in English and Spanish





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